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Ageing is one of the biggest risk factors of many diseases. We are interested in understanding how cells age in the context of tissues, findings of which we hope will contribute towards healthy longevity.

We are particularly interested in comprehensively determining epigenetic/chromatin/nuclear architectural changes and which of those may be driving cellular ageing. Studying how cells age in vivo has been difficult due to the heterogeneous (mixed populations) nature of cell types in any given tissue. However, with recent technological breakthroughs and advances in single cell omics, we are now starting to be able to determine these changes in the context of tissues. To this end, we have been constructing a Mouse Ageing Atlas with single cell 5’ RNA-seq and single cell ATAC-seq from multiple mouse tissues of young and old mice. Furthermore, one question that is not well-understood is how the commensal microbiota in our bodies affect the rate of ageing. In an effort to gain insight into this question, our atlas also includes tissues from germ-free mice, which are born and maintained germ-free (no microbiota).

We pride ourselves in generating high quality single cell datasets in-house as well as analysing them. We are always looking for new members to join our team; if you are passionate about research, especially in exploring exciting sets of data on ageing, please contact Aki.

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Nicola Hetherington
Junior researcher

Ward Nijen Twilhaar
PhD student