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ResearchColin Logie

Research interests are in chromatin and in the relation between chromatin structure and transcription, DNA replication, recombination and repair, as well as chromatid condensation,
cohesion and segregation. Model systems include budding yeast and mammalian cells. Research focuses on transcription factors, histone modifications and on SNF2-type ATPase bearing chromatin motors. Chromatin immunoprecipitation localizes (modified) factors on chromosomes. Microarray and RNAseq analyses report transcriptomes. Chromatin components are purified and assayed in a variety of chromatin biochemical assays. Mass spectrometry is applied to define purified complex composition and post-translational protein modifications. Single molecule analyses unveil chromatin dynamics.
Recent efforts have been directed at innate immunity training, studying isolated circulating human monocytes and the cell types they give rise to.

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