Craniofacial growth and development: novel insights

Date of news: 13 October 2021

Craniofacial growth and development, including muscles, bones and teeth are an intricate process that requires several signaling pathways with elaborate tissue interactions and molecular mechanisms that control craniofacial morphogenesis. Craniofacial development is complex and involves the ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm germ layers. In the past decades, researchers have been studying the aspects and factors involved in the craniofacial growth and development, as well as the etiology of many craniofacial conditions, using different methods and techniques. Whereas the etiology of many craniofacial development alterations and pathological conditions became well-established, the etiology of other disorders are still poorly explored and remains a largely unknown.

The zebrafish shows developmental similarities to human palate formation. A review article on the complex genetic and environmental interactions as risk factors for craniofacial malformations has appeared in a Frontiers e-book, entitled "Craniofacial Growth and Development: Novel Insights".

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