Safety and ethics

Only certified employees and researchers have authorized access to the facility. The husbandry and care of fish is subject to a range of national and international laws and regulations. In our daily routine we devote active attention to the welfare of our fish, going beyond complying with legal standards and regulations. For example, within our platform we agree to adhere to self-established strict protocols for optimal densities, regular health inspections and responsible anesthesia and euthanasia of our fish.

Handling, experimentation, and genetic engineering/modification of zebrafish has obvious ethical implications, some of which relate to animal welfare. These issues need to be considered by all participants. Our facility manager is in close contact with the university Animal Welfare Body. Together they supervise the correct compliance with legal regulations, and contribute to advance refinement, replacement and reduction of experimental animal use.

Our facilities are approved for the contained housing and use of genetically modified animals. To this end, regular reports and inspections are carried out to the bodies involved.