What we offer

At the Radboud zebrafish facility, we strive to achieve societal impact with the knowledge generated by using the zebrafish model. The versatility of this model offers unique solutions to both fundamental and applied socio-economic challenges in the top sectors Agri-Food and Life Sciences & Health. In this sense, establishing strategic relations with academic and industry partners is key to success. It is our experience that joint initiatives in research translate into a higher societal impact. Our approach widens the assets for the society of performing use-inspired research and at the same time contributes to the education of the next generation of Radboud scientists, as zebrafish research is solidly embedded in the Radboud curricular programs.

Accommodation of zebrafish research projects:

We are open to, and continuously seeking for, collaborations with internal as well as external parties in joint projects, strategic alliances and exchange of expertise. We offer advice, guidance and support on the conduct of zebrafish research, including experimental design, the use of state-of-the-art technologies and handling and care of fish.


Consultancy services can be provided to help you design and perform your zebrafish research in the best possible way. This pertains to ongoing research projects, new research projects, grant proposals and the valorization of research findings. Please contact us for any information.