Who we are

The Radboud Zebrafish Facility joins a group of active researchers using zebrafish models. We address scientific questions in fundamental and applied research, including (but not limited to) physiology, endocrinology, aquaculture, health and disease. Our mission is to exploit, promote, and increase the value of zebrafish research within the Radboud University and to make societal impact. We share expertise, facilities and technologies. In this way our facility creates opportunities for collaborative research projects that would not be possible for individual researchers. The facility is open to a wide range of activities that contribute to one of the three research themes. This includes facilitation of all zebrafish research projects on campus, collaborative research projects, joint research proposals to external funding agencies, exchange of scientists and expertise, and contract research.

How we work

To conduct zebrafish research of the highest possible quality, all parties make knowledge, expertise, know-how and equipment available to each other. This creates a transparent and open research environment in which all aspects needed for frontline zebrafish research are within reach. Our facility is concentrated in and around the aquarium rooms of the Huygens building, which expedites daily mutual informal contact. As a result, ideas and experiences can be exchanged directly on the work floor.

Scientific composition

The platform connects researchers from departments from both Radboud University and Radboudumc. Together we share the ambition to improve the quality of each other’s research. The department of Animal Ecology and Physiology accommodates the zebrafish facility. This department has a long track record in understanding fundamental and applied aspects of fish physiology – already since the 1980s. What makes the Radboud Zebrafish Facility unique is that basic understanding and expertise on fundamental fish physiology is combined with in-depth specialist knowledge of organ function, pathogenic mechanisms of disease, and drug development. This combination of expertise is extremely valuable to all researchers involved to perform successful and high-quality research. Some examples of the successful research done within the platform can be found here.

Groups currently conducting research in our facilities:

Faculty of Science, Radboud University

  • Department of Animal Ecology and Physiology
  • Department of Aquatic Ecology
  • Department of Molecular Developmental Biology
  • Department of Microbiology


  • Department of Otorhinolaryngology
  • Departmentof Human Genetics
  • Department of Cell Biology
  • Department of Internal Medicine
  • Department of Dentistry

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