Welcome to the Department "Spectroscopy of Cold Molecules"

What happens when two molecules come together and collide? How do chemical reactions occur and on what timescales? In which ways do molecules exchange or dissipate energy - and how are all of these fundamental processes influenced by the underlying molecular structure? These are some of the fundamental problems we are working on within the “Spectroscopy of Cold Molecules” Department. To do so we develop and use unique experimental techniques to control, collide and image individual molecules in the gas-phase. This includes Stark and Zeeman decelerators, electrostatic deflectors and state selectors, ultrafast and free-electron laser sources, and charged-particle imaging detectors. These allow us to control properties such as the velocity, quantum state, and orientation of individual molecules in a molecular beam and enable the study of molecular processes in unexplored regimes and with unprecedented precision.

Our department is part of the theme Structure & Dynamics of Molecules within the Institute for Molecules and Materials.