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In the Spectroscopy of Cold Molecules Department we investigate molecules and their interactions at the most fundamental level. What happens when two individual molecules approach each other and collide? How do molecules deal with excess energy? Molecules are not billiard balls, but quantum mechanical objects. In our experiments, we study these inherent quantum phenomena, with the highest possible level of detail. For this, we develop and build complex machines that are world-wide unique and that allow us to study molecular reactivity at temperatures approaching zero Kelvin and with femtosecond time resolution. Using advanced laser techniques we can visualize these processes and so  directly observe molecular collisions and reactions with unprecedented detail.

Are you interested to work at the interface between physics and chemistry? Would you like to know more about the molecular quantum world? Join the Spectroscopy of Cold Molecules Department!

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Bas van de Meerakker
Daniel Horke
Jolijn Onvlee