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Lonneke Teunissen

PhD Candidate


Room: Spinoza B 01.25
Phone: +31 24-36 15590


Lonneke Teunissen is a PhD student at the sensorimotor lab of Pieter Medendorp since September 2015. Her main research interests are how sensory and motor information are combined (in the brain) together with rewards and effort costs and how this is used to select (complex) behaviour. Furthermore, she is very much interested in how the brain learns to incorporate continuous changes in the body and outside world in its model of the world. During her PhD, Lonneke investigates the relationship between motor learning and action selection/decision making in different effector systems (arm/eye) and how the brain combines these processes.

Before Lonneke started her PhD, she did a Bachelor in Psychology with a specialization in Brain and Cognition. During her Bachelor, she did an internship at the sensorimotor lab supervised by Femke Maij to investigate perisaccadic compression in dyslexics. This was followed by a (Research) Master in Cognitive Neuroscience at the Radboud University where she worked together with Marcel van Gerven and Tansu Celikel on a Bayesian model of sensory (tactile) and motor integration for object localization in mice.

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