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Valeria Peviani

Radboud Excellence Fellow

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Valeria Peviani has a background in neuropsychology, cognitive psychology and neuroscience, developed during her PhD (2016-2019) at the Department of Brain and Behavioral Sciences of Pavia University (Pavia, Italy) and Niguarda Hospital (Milan, Italy) under the supervision of Gabriella Bottini. Funded by an international-mobility scholarship for PhD students (Italian Ministry of Research and Education), she joined the lab of Lucia Melloni (Neuroscience Department, Max Planck Institute E.A, Frankfurt am Main, Germany), where she continued her work as a post-doc (2020-2021).

Her research aims to investigate how the perception of our body builds up at the neuro-cognitive level. She is specifically interested in internal representations of the physical properties of the body and their role in body perception and sensorimotor behavior. ​

She joined the SensorimotorLab in 2022, funded by the Radboud Excellence Initiative, with a project aimed to unravel the neurocomputational mechanisms underlying healthy and pathological body perception, which she will carry on with Luke Miller and Pieter Medendorp.