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Femke Maij



Room: Spinoza B 01.30
Phone: +31 24-36 12629


Femke Maij is a postdoc in Pieter Medendorp's lab. Femke did her PhD project in the group of Jeroen Smeets[1] and Eli Brenner [2] at the VU University. Before she started her position in the sensorimotorlab she was a postdoc at the University of Birmingham in Alan Wing's lab [3].

Her main research interests can be summarized as: how is the brain able to combine different sensory signals? For instance when watching television we need to combine auditory information with visual information, these signals arrive with different delays in the brain. The delays from the different sensory signals make it hard to construct a percept of the world. By investigating a situation in which it is known that people make mistakes while combining different sensory and motor signals we are able to investigate how the brain is able to construct a percept of the world. One such case is that people make systematic errors when localizing briefly presented objects near the time of eye/arm movements. During Femke's PhD-project she studied the role of temporal and spatial aspects on the localization of flashes that are presented near the time of saccadic eye movements. As a postdoc she is working on haptic localization during arm movements and full body movements.

In 2010 Femke was awarded with a Rubicon grant from NWO for her project on haptic localizatione errors during arm movements. In 2012 Femke was awarded with a Veni grant from NWO for het project on 'space and time in motion'.

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