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Julian Tramper



Room: Spinoza B 01.06
Phone: 024-3612592


As a postdoctoral researcher in Medendorp’s lab, I am investigating how we orient ourselves in space, and how we maintain a stable representation of space during self-motion. This is a non-trivial problem, because visual information is coded with respect to eye-centric reference frame, not in an earth-fixed reference frame. Since the position of the eyes changes during body movements, the brain has to remember and remap the location and orientation of objects to achieve visual stability. My research is part of the EU project on spatial cognition (SpaceCog), which aims at developing a human-like neural model of spatial orientation and attention. Therefore, I use a combination of experimental investigations and computational modeling to investigate remapping under continuous body motion.

Before I came to the sensorimotor lab, I worked as a PhD student at the same institute, under supervision of Stan Gielen. My PhD project focused on how the human brain uses sensory information and predictions to control movement. During this project, I collaborated closely with Martha Flanders from the University of Minnesota.

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