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PhD Candidate in Sensorimotor Neurosciencehttps://www.ru.nl/werken-bij/vacature/details-vacature/?recid=1168803&doel=embed&taal=nl

Other Possibilities

There are also possibilities to support an application through our University, one of the NWO (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research) or EU programs. Send a short email to p.medendorp@donders.ru.nl and let me know which qualifications you possess and why you are the ideal candidate to be considered.

Radboud Excellence Fellowship

The Radboud Excellence Initiative was created with the dual purposes of bringing the most exceptional talents from every academic field to Radboud University while strengthening international bonds between universities worldwide. The Initiative is a joint enterprise of both Radboud University and Radboud University Medical Center.

Prospective members of the Radboud Excellence Initiative must be nominated by an employee of Radboud University who has either won a prestigious grant or is a member of an esteemed international organization. Nomination and selection of new candidates take place twice a year.

Once nominated and selected, Fellows may come to Radboud University to undertake research for a maximum of two years. More information about the Radboud Excellence Initiative is available.

This grant allows 3 years of research, funded by NWO. This grant is suited for postdoc, with max 3 years of postdoctoral experience and with a clear and strong scientific profile. The application is open for all nationalities but a link with the Netherlands should exist. See for further details http://www.nwo.nl. VENI application rounds take place once a year. Only very good and excellent research proposals are granted. VENI applications are peer reviewed and candidates have an opportunity to comment to the referee reports. A jury judges whether candidates are invited to present their work for the commission that decides which proprosals are granted. See http://www.nwo.nl for further information.

Other possibilities may exist through EU excange programs.

For persons from (associated) EU member states Marie Curie intra- or incoming postdoctoral fellowships are supported. The selection procedure takes place typically once a year. A post-doc can apply for a maximum of two years of full support. More information is available from http://cordis.europa.eu.int/mariecurie-actions/. The applicant is expected to write a detailed (and rather long) application focusing on research and training program. A small number of experts in the fields judges the applications on a number of aspects (far beyond the science part).