About our teaching

As a student of the Faculty of Social Sciences, you will learn about human behaviour, artificial intelligence, education and child-rearing, communication, society and culture. During your study you encounter the latest developments in your field and develop research skills that will later enable you to set to work yourself.

The Faculty offers a wide range of courses and training: Bachelor’s, Minors, Pre-masters, Master’s and Research Master’s. Teaching is structured in four teaching institutes. Our staff train students to be ambitious, active, independent academics who know how to apply their knowledge for the benefit of a company or other organisation. After gaining a Bachelor's or a Master's degree, graduates are welcome to return to the Faculty. They can keep their knowledge and skills up to date or go on to a higher level by taking a course, a postdoctoral degree, a post-qualification course to meet the requirements of the ‘BIG’ Act (Professions in Individual Health Care Act), or a course made to measure for them. Or they can simply participate in a symposium or conference.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities for Bachelor’s, Master’s, Research Master’s or Refresher courses? Take a look at our degree courses or  contract education or check out the offering of the Radboud CSW.

Focus on the individual and society

The Faculty's courses centre on the individual and society. Each course focuses on a specific theme and examines social issues from a particular perspective.
To learn more, read about the individual courses, visit us on an Open Day or try student-for-a-day. We will be happy to tell you more about our courses.

Good education through good connections

Good education is impossible without good connections, for example with centres of expertise in other countries and with the professional practice in your field. Connections with one another are also important in Nijmegen. The open and friendly atmosphere is characteristic of Radboud University and nowhere more so than in its teaching. Students often know their teachers personally. In addition to lectures, wherever possible we bring students together in small work groups, where it's easy to make contacts and your opinion counts. This approach ensures a personal atmosphere, which is a good start to your study.

Pick a subject that interests you? It's possible

Do you want to update your knowledge on a particular topic? If you have achieved the required educational level, you can join a course as a contract student. The courses open to contract students are usually part of a Bachelor’s degree at the Faculty, but sometimes it’s possible to join a course that’s offered to Master's students.

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