Refresher courses

Members of staff, PhD candidates, graduates as well as anyone else who satisfies the requirements are welcome to the Faculty to deepen their knowledge or enter new fields. You could join an existing course as a contract student or undertake a post-qualification course to meet the requirements of the ‘BIG’ Act (Professionals in Individual Health Care Act), or take a course made to measure for you. Or you could simply participate in a symposium or conference.

Post-qualification courses for professionals (BIG courses)

The Faculty offers a range of post-qualification courses for professionals, most of which are organised by the Radboud Centre for Social Sciences. It also organises in-service training and refresher courses, included made-to-measure courses, conferences and symposiums for behavioural scientists.

The Faculty offers the following post-qualification courses for professionals:

Courses & minors

Do you want to deepen your knowledge or enter a new field? You can participate as a contract student in courses that are part of an existing teaching programme. Examples include:

• Research methods and techniques
• Gender, sex, emancipation or sexuality
• Schema therapy
• Applied Games, Serious Business
• Addiction Psychiatry
• Evidence-based Mental Health Care

Do you want to know more? See under contract education.

Are you looking for a minor subject or a study packet in Psychology, Sociology, Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology or Communication Science? See the special offering of minor courses in our Guide to Minors.

Symposiums and conferences

In addition, everyone can attend our symposiums and conferences. See the current offering of symposiums and conferences for behavioural scientists on the site of the Radboud Centre for Social Sciences (Radboud CSW).