RU Committee R&R

The RU committee R&R, chaired by Prof. Paula Fikkert, is made up of 12 members from all the faculties and advocates for the following four principles Recognition & Rewards.


The first three principles are in line with the position paper 'Room for everyone's talent' and are discussed elsewhere on this website. The fourth principle relates to the discussion about realistic allocation of hours to the tasks we value (see ‘time’ versus ‘career’). Under the heading ‘the human dimension’, the committee warns against high workloads and increased bureaucratic and administrative pressure. This context does not do justice to the professional autonomy of academics and is not beneficial for the quality of work and job satisfaction.

In the summer and autumn of 2021, the RU R&R committee organised a series of ‘dialogue and theme panels’ in which the above themes were discussed with staff members from every faculty. Now it is the faculties’ turn to act.