Our social commitment

Much of the research in the Faculty is motivated by important social issues. How can the results of university research flow back to society? The Faculty's staff share their new insights and knowledge in many different ways.

Making new insights from our scientific research available and suitable for use is essential for change and progress. Insights need to be available so that they can provide the context for changes in society and in companies. Only then can they be said to have an impact and contribute value.

Sharing insights

Our researchers share the latest insights whenever this is possible, whether by publishing their research results in academic and professional journals or by working with other research institutes and social partners. Researchers also develop products such as a reading app or a training programme designed to combat bullying, which are then made available for everyone. Their expertise can also be used in advising policy-makers, for example in governmental organisations.

An example: Letterprins app

New insights from social science research find their way to society or into companies in the forms of concrete products and/or they are embodied in advice for companies and governments. For example, our researchers developed the Letterprins app for children with dyslexia.

Social Sciences for Society

To get an impression of our research, take a look at the projects conducted by some of our academic staff: