About our research

Our researchers participate in research projects that relate to social and individual issues. Our social scientific research extends over a broad field, from the fundamental basis of human behaviour to research focusing on the treatment of behavioural and mental disorders, or intervention programmes in health and education. There are also analyses and projected solutions for socio-cultural issues.

It is increasingly common for researchers from different disciplines to work together. Combining their perspectives often produces surprising new insights. Wherever possible we encourage our researchers to share their insights with partners working in practice and to translate what they have learned into practical resources such as policy advice, teaching methods and diagnostic tools.

Research themes

The main thematic fields for our research are:

  • Development and learning
  • Psychopathology, health and well-being
  • Social processes and communication
  • Language and communication
  • Perception, action and control
  • Plasticity and memory
  • Brain structure and neurone communication
  • Inequality
  • Cohesion
  • Modernisation
  • Gender & diversity
  • Active living

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Research Institutes

Our research is structured in three research institutes, each with its own focus.