Our research is structured in three research institutes, each with its own focus. Within each institute, a number of themes are central. Our researchers each emphasise one or more of these themes.

Themes for the Radboud Social Cultural Research Institute

Researchers at the Radboud Social Cultural Research (Radboud SCR) institute focus on three themes:

  • Inequality,Onderzoeksthema's Radboud SCR
  • Modernisation, and
  • Social cohesion.

For example, sociological and anthropological research is conducted on social participation in the education system and at work, and inequalities in participation in education, friendships and family.

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Themes for the Behavioural Science Institute

The research of the Behavioural Science Institute (BSI) is clustered around three central themes:

  • Development and learning,Onderzoeksthema's BSI
  • Health & Mental health
  • Social processes and communication.

Within these themes, our researchers run studies on depression, the life-work balance, the development of young children, special education, a healthy lifestyle and gaming, using insights from disciplines such as psychology, pedagogy and communication science.

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Themes for the Donders Centre for Cognition

As part of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Donders Institute, researchers at the Donders Centre for Cognition (DCC) study topics such as:

  • Language and communication, Onderzoeksthema's DCC
  • Plasticity and memory,
  • Brain structure and neural communication.

The researchers include both psychologists and experts in artificial intelligence.

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