Participate in research

Research about people involves doing research with people. For much of our research we are looking for people who are prepared to participate. What is expected from participants depends entirely on the kind of research. Sometimes we observe people, for example in our Bar Lab. In another study you might perform small tasks while we measure your brain activity with an EEG or MRI scanner.

Register as a trial participant

If you would like to participate in our research, you can register digitally in our trial participants system. The system provides up-to-date information about the experiments you can apply for and tracks the various experiments you have participated in previously. New participants can register at the bottom left of the screen and chose a User ID and password. In many cases you will receive a reimbursement for your participation.

Ethical aspects

Each research project –and each researcher – is expected to comply with the ethical guidelines of the Faculty, as set out in the National Ethical Code for Research in the Social and Behavioural Sciences, and in more specific applications of the Code produced within the Faculty.

The Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Social Sciences (ECSS) helps to evaluate the ethical acceptability of research proposals and to compile an advisory report for the Dean.
•The secretariat of ECSW can be contacted at

Employees of Radboud University can log in via the intranet for more information: