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Standard for the Binding Study Advice (BSA) 2021-2022 lowered

Date of news: 7 February 2022

The standard of the BSA will be lowered for all first-year Bachelor’s students. This also applies to Radboud students who received a delayed study advice last year. The amount of course credits they need to obtain in their first year will be reduced.

This was decided by the Executive Board of Radboud University on 1 February 2022. This means the following:

  • For first-year Radboud students, the standard for a positive Binding Study Advice (BSA) will be reduced by 6.5 course credits compared to the standard that normally applies for the relevant degree programme.
  • First-year Radboud students who have not achieved a sufficient number of course credits (and are still registered after February 2022) will receive a negative advice. Through an appeal invoking the hardship clause or personal circumstances, they may be awarded a delayed study advice in accordance with the usual criteria and work method of the Radboud University BSA regulations.
  • Under normal circumstances, Radboud students who received a delayed study advice already should achieve all 60 course credits by the end of this academic year in order to receive a positive advice. This standard will be lowered this year. These students will receive a positive advice when they have achieved 53.5 course credits or more.

We hope that this decision reduces the pressure on those students, and we hope to make a positive contribution to the well-being of this group of students in this way.

It will soon become clear what this means and what this will look like for each study programme.