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E-mail etiquette

At the bottom of this page, a few guidelines have been drawn up for emailing teachers. Even when you mail STIP for, for example, registering a course, it is important to follow these guidelines.

Do you have questions regarding a certain course? You will receive a fast response, as long as you adhere to these rules:

Questions concerning enrolment in course, work group, exam and resit

For these questions, please contact STIP: stip@socsci.ru.nl or +31 24 361 61 63. Or drop by the STIP desk, Comeniuslaan 4, first floor. The STIP desk is open on Monday through Friday from 9 to 5 pm.

Questions regarding personal circumstances and study planning

For these questions, you better contact the student advisor. When needed she will contact the teacher.

Questions concerning course content

Step 1:

Before starting to ask questions, first go through the course description in the course guide and then check the study manual in the course page on Brightspace. Here you will find the answer to most questions. Also, check with your classmates whether you overlooked anything. If your question is still not answered, ...

Step 2:

... post your question in the Discussion section of the course page on Brightspace. As your question and the answer will probably be of interest for all participants, please proceed as follows.

  • Clearly state your question as the subject of the mail, so your classmates and the lecturer can easily find your main question.
  • Classmates can post their reactions under the same topic. Please form a thread, to keep the structure orderly.
  • The lecturer will answer the remaining questions in the Discussion section several times a week.

In this way, we can help each other to reduce email traffic substantially.

Step 3:

If your question is not suitable for the discussion board, then please send a brief e-mail to the lecturer. Only e-mails that adhere to the following rules will be answered.

  • Use your @student.ru.nl address. Due to privacy regulations, we are not allowed to answer emails that you send using any other email address.
  • Preferably, send your e-mail to one person only. In the event that you have to send it to additional addressees, always use Cc and never Bcc. Please ensure that multiple employees do not spend time on answering one and the same e-mail.
  • In the subject field, clearly state your question and the course code. Do not simply write 'question' or 'request', but instead use 'Criteria assignment 2 PSB2DH20E'.
  • As in a letter, start with a polite salutation. Do not simply say 'Hi'; instead, write 'Dear Madam/Sir' or 'Dear Ms/Mr Smith'. When you get to know someone better, you can then use 'Dear [first name]'.
  • Avoid WhatsApp expressions, exclamation marks and emoticons.
  • Complete your e-mail with a polite ending like 'Thank you for your consideration’ or ‘Kind regards'.
  • Sign your e-mail and mention your student number. This saves the lecturer having to search through files and databases.
  • Check the content of your e-mail one more time before you hit the send button. Is the message clear to the addressee? Is it neither too long, nor too simplistic?