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Bouwupdates Maria Montessori

Bekijk hier alle bouwupdates van het Maria Montessorigebouw, de nieuwbouw van de Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen.

Construction update #13

Take a (virtual) guided tour through the recently completed Maria Montessori building! Esther Huijs (team Housing) will tell you the ins and outs of the facilities in the building.

Construction update #12

In this episode we get answers from 3 experts to the most frequently asked questions, such as: "What is the approach of the Grand Café?" "What does the name of the building mean?" And "Who will be my neighbor?"

Construction update #11

An interview with Geert Jansen and Claudia Simons about the progress of construction in times of the corona crisis.

Construction update #10

The building is watertight, the inner walls are (partly) placed and there is a lot of work being done on the technology in the building.

Construction update #9

Follow the progress on construction; it's going really fast now. In September, reaching the highest point will be celebrated!

Construction update #8

In this construction update images of the progress with explanation by architect Jeroen Simons and project manager Geert Jansen.

Construction update #7

The hybrid energy network will soon provide sustainable heating and cooling for the building.

Construction update #6

Interior architect Maarten Hooijmeijer talks about the considerations and choices for colors and styles in the Maria Montessori building.

Construction update #5

The first contours of the building become visible: the first concrete has been poured. Project manager Geert Jansen explains.

Construction update #4

Debris from TvA and then? Bart Smits explains where and how the demolition debris is recycled.

Construction update #3

During a special viewing day, employees and their families can view the demolition very closely.

Construction update #2

About waste separation during demolition and the relocations to make room for demolition.

Construction update #1

In this first episode, project leaders Claudia Simons and Kees Rezelman, talk about the planning of the demolition of Thomas van Aquino and about the construction work.