Faculty of Social Sciences
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Student Information Point (STIP) / Teaching Information Point (TIP) / RCSW desk.

Students can contact the Student Information Point (STIP) with questions about education. For example, with questions about regulations, applying for diplomas, studying abroad, career counseling, and study advisors. The STIP (location 01.012) can be reached from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm., via stip@socsci.ru.nl and (024) 361 61 63.

At the same desk you can visit the Teaching Information Point (TIP) and the Radboud Center for Social Sciences (RCSS).


In the Sociotheque (room 01.511) you will find a wide range of test and treatment materials for clinical, psychological and remedial education diagnostics and personnel research.

Study areas

In the building, you find:

  • The atrium, a big open study area
  • Study rooms where students can work in silence
  • Separate rooms students can reserve for group work
  • Seats through the building where students can work together or alone


The Maria Montessori building has a modern café; the Grand Café in the bridge. Here you can go for coffee and tea, but also for other drinks and small snacks such as a sandwich, sweet snacks and sandwiches. The café is comparable to Café C in the Elinor Ostrom building. A naming contest will be announced for this café.

Common Ground

Common Ground is the common area for our students and the new homes of our study associations. The association rooms of all bachelor study associations are adjacent to the common room. In Common Ground you can find a foosball table, a kitchen and a large screen to relax completely during or after a study day.