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What is SMAP?

The Statistics and Methodology Advice Point (SMAP) is a facility for students and PhD candidates of Pedagogical Sciences and Education and Psychology [it was previously known as Scriptiewerkplaats (SWP) (Thesis workshop)]. When you, as a student, have questions about the setup of your research, its implementation, or the processing and analysis of your research data, the SMAP can support and advise you.

What not?

The SMAP is not for students of other programmes than Psychology and Pedagogical Sciences. The SMAP does not provide support for questions about substantive aspects, for example about the research questions or writing style. We also do not look at entire texts that are sent to us without a question, and only for checking.


We offer support in three ways: there is an FAQ, we answer questions via email, and we can questions via Zoom.


We often receive questions about some subjects. You can find the answers on our FAQ site, wich is only available in English. This site is under development.


Send your question to SMAPPWOPsych@ru.nl. Make sure to send your mail from your RU-mail address. Let us know what course you are taking and what year you are in, and of course what your question is. You will receive an answer within a few working days. Difficult questions that are not within the expertise of each advisor may take a little longer.

Do you have a follow-up question? If you address it in general to 'Dear SMAP Counselor', for example, you will receive an answer from the next counselor who can answer your question. If you address the mail to a specific person, then your mail will remain in principle until that person is back on duty. Often that is a week later. Sometimes this is unavoidable.

Zoom consultation hour

Is it not possible via email? Then you can "come by" in our Zoom walk-in consultation hour. You don't have to make an appointment.

  • Monday: 9.30-10.30 (Sanne van der Ven)
  • Tuesday: 9.30-10.30 (Leonie Oostwoud Wijdenes)
  • Wednesday: 13.30-14.30: (Bastian van Stephoudt)
  • Thursday: 9.30-10.30 (Janneke van Ekert)
  • Friday: 13.30-14.30 (Jesse Fenneman)

Click on this link to go to the consultation hour. But first, try sending your question by email. This often works better, for three reasons: (1) when you write it, your question becomes clearer to yourself, (2) you can often use your text in your assignment or thesis, and (3) you can read our answer again whenever you want.


The SMAP consultants will be available in all education weeks. We are closed during holidays and education-free periods. Mail sent during holidays will not be read. Send your email again when the holiday is over.


The SMAP is staffed by a team of consultants working at Pedagogical Sciences, Psychology, and the Research Technical Support Group.