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The Sociotheek is a facility where students from different study programs can use a wide range of test and treatment materials. These materials can be used in the practice of clinical psychological and orthopedagogical diagnostics and treatment. The employees of the Sociotheek are available to advise you when making a choice for certain test or treatment materials and can provide assistance with scoring and interpreting tests. You can find us on the first floor in the South Wing (room 01.511) in the Maria Montessori building.


The Sociotheek is open on:

From August 29, 2022, the Sociotheek will be open according to regular opening hours:

  • Monday from 09:15 to 14:30
  • Tuesday from 10:00 to 14:30
  • Wednesday from 09:15 to 14:30
  • Thursday from 09:15 to 14:30
  • Friday from 09:15 to 14:30

Who is allowed to borrow?

  • The Sociotheek is available to students of all grades of Pedagogical Sciences, Psychology, ALPO, PWPO and RCSW students. Materials can be borrowed for study assignments, internships or diagnostic records. Materials cannot be borrowed for theses.
  • Students of other programmes or students writing their thesis are always allowed to look at the materials inside the Sociotheek.

Working method Sociotheek

To be able to borrow equipment, you must reserve the equipment a few days in advance. This means that you cannot reserve equipment for the day itself. Check the regulations (pdf, 130 kB) (only in Dutch) to see who can borrow and what the borrowing conditions are.

Do you run into problems with the development of tests due to our opening hours? Please contact the staff of the Sociotheek. We will then look for a solution on an individual basis.

Please note!

It is not allowed to take pictures or make (photo)copies of testing materials because of issues concerning copyright.


Thomas van Aquinostraat 4, MM 01.511
6525 GD Nijmegen
T: 024 3612591
E: sociotheek@socsci.ru.nl

Brenda Jager Bc
Manon v.d. Linde MSc
Anouk Albers MSc