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Information on material for testing and treatment

Our collection

The collection includes more than 1,400 different materials and scientific literature. Test materials are available in the field of personality diagnosis, didactic research, intelligence research and social-emotional research. We have materials that can be used during the treatment phase in the field of behavioral, learning and social-emotional problems and care for the disabled.

Digital collection of WAIS-IV and WISC-V

For interns of the PWO and Psychology programmes and students of the RCSW, we offer the possibility to take the WAIS-IV-NL and the WISC-V-NL digitally using 2 iPads. Ask the Sociotheek staff about the possibilities.


Before you start using a test for your psychodiagnostic examination, you can check whether the test meets the standards via the Committee for Testing Affairs in the Nederlands (COTAN). COTAN assesses a wide range of tests, tests and questionnaires that are used in the Netherlands and submitted to COTAN for assessment. In the online COTAN Documentation you will find a complete and up-to-date overview of these assessments and additional information.

Publishers and informational websites

There is a great deal of information about (new) test and treatment materials on the sites of various publishers:

If you are looking for scientific literature, questionnaires, scoring aids and other information about test and treatment materials, please visit the following sites: