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FSC break - November 24th

During the lunch break on November 24th, the FSC handed out coffee, tea and hot cocoa to students of the FSS. This activity also had a theme: privacy and the privacy rights of students. This is because we as FSC have a focus point to monitor the privacy policy at the faculty. Therefore we wanted to poll how much students know about their privacy rights at the university. It became apparent that only a few students knew about the current privacy policy, which we found a shame.

When a concrete plan for privacy policy will be presented we will make sure that enough energy is put towards increasing students' awareness of the privacy rules which are relevant to them. We are also in touch with the Local Privacy Officer (LPO) of the faculty, whom we can ask questions (from students). Are you unsure of your privacy rights, or do you have a specific question? Mail us at medezeggenschap@socsci.ru.nl!

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FSC drink – October 12th

On October 12th we organised our first FSC activity; the FSC drink! We organised some free drinks and snacks for everyone and we asked participants if they had some general feedback for the faculty. Moreover, we asked them if they had any specific ideas for student well-being. From this a couple of suggestions arose, such as free coffee for students, a music room with instruments, better monitoring of de division of EC en more appreciation for student organisations (like study associations).

At the end of the year, we as FSC will be in talks about the Education and Exam Regulations (EER), which is when we will consider how much an EC should be worth en how the division is made. Next to that we often speak with the faculty’s Well-being Officer, who can help us give better and more structural appreciation to student organisations. Finally, we take the suggestions for free coffee in the music room with us in other talks with the faculty board.

Thank you for all your suggestions and see you next time!