Faculty of Social Sciences
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Focus points FSC 2022-2023

As FSC we set up four focus points for this year that we want to put the most attention on student well-being, awareness of the FSC, privacy and inclusivity. These points and more detailed explanations can be found in this document (pdf, 176 kB).

We outlined these points to give ourselves a starting point for this year, but that does not mean we are letting ourselves be limited by them. If you have a good idea you can always bring it up and we can work towards it together!

Do you have a question about our existing focus points? For student well-being you can ask Floortje or Anne, for awareness of the FSC you can contact Raisa or Yael, for privacy you can best go to Eric and if you were interested in inclusivity you can direct your message to Eric or Yael. We would love to hear from you!