Faculty of Social Sciences
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Tasks of the FSC

The FSC is responsible for representing the students in our faculty, but how do they do this? The FSC has some tasks of its own, such as supporting the Degree Program Committees (in Dutch: OLC’s) and communicating relevant information to the students.


The most important tool the FSC has is their seat in the Faculty Joint Meetings (in Dutch: Facultaire Gezamenlijke Vergadering). In these meetings, the FSC can discuss, and sometimes vote on, policy presented by the faculty board. The employees of the faculty also take part in these meetings through the Divisional Committee (in Dutch: OC). Together we try to come to the best solutions for the faculty.


Next to this task the FSC also officially lends membership to the faculty committees, these are among others the sustainability committee, the DEI-committee (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) and the student well-being committee. With this, we broaden the way in which the student perspective is applied at the faculty. Some of these committees are looking for regular student members, ask us about this if you’re interested!

Job-specific duties within the FSC:

  • Chair: leading internal meetings, representing the FSC
  • Secretary: taking minutes of internal meetings, maintaining the FSC mailbox
  • Treasurer: forwarding invoices, keeping track of FSC expenses
  • Vice-president: supporting the chairman, taking over chairman's tasks when the chairman is not present
  • Technical chairman: leading the FGVs once every three times
  • General member: doing extra tasks, starting bigger projects