Faculty of Social Sciences
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Every faculty at Radboud University has a student assessor in the faculty board. The assessor is a student member of the board and thinks along about the faculty policy, mostly in the field of education and student affairs. The assessor is the student representative on the board and the board representative for students. The assessor tries to tell the board what the current issues are among students and how the policy can be “student-proof”. The assessor also tries to explain certain choices and changes in policies to students.

The assessor will maintain close contact with the Faculty Student Council, the programme committees, study associations, N.K.S.W. Kompanio and the University Student Council (USR) to hear as many of the students’ voices as possible, inside and outside of the faculty. The assessor has a meeting with the board every week on the quality of education, study facilities, the Education and Examination Regulations, the new buildings, research, etcetera.

FSW Assessor 2023-2024 Peter Berentsen

The assessor will furthermore have weekly meetings with the six other assessors and two members of the USR to discuss university-wide affairs, support each other, compare the faculties and cooperate where possible. The assessors see the Rector Magnificus several times a year in an informal lunch to discuss student affairs at our university.

The assessor can thus contribute to a beautiful Faculty of Social Sciences.

The Student Assessor for the year 2023-2024 is Peter Berentsen.


Email: assessor@socsci.ru.nl