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Study associations

Every programme has its own study association. The main goal of a study association is the improvement of time spent as a student, by means of various activities. The different study associations organise informal activities to connect the students, as well as formal activities that complement the study programme and offer students a look into possible career paths. Through the open character of each study association, members can connect with students of their own year as well as higher and lower years in an enjoyable way.

Some examples of activities organised by a study association are:

  • The publishing of a magazine
  • Orientation days for upcoming students
  • Introduction for upcoming students
  • Debates and lectures
  • Symposium
  • Visits to organisations
  • Study trips
  • Parties
  • Galas
  • Numerous other informal events

The study association also offers students the opportunity to develop themselves by taking part in committees in the association or in the boards, which changes every year.

For contact information and more information about the study association of your programme, you can look at the different study associations in the menu.