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CognAC is the study association of Artificial Intelligence at the Radboud University. We organise many activities for students: pretty much every week there is something to do! Some of those activities are just for fun, think of sports activities, drinks or our annual League of Legends tournament. Other activities are more serious, and they are either meant to help you during your studies, or they can help you explore your career options.
Some study-related activities include workshops for different courses, labsessions, which are evenings where students can help each other with their homework, or our annual symposium.
Some examples of career related activities are lunch lectures, where a sponsor can come and present something about their company, our annual career week, which consists of many different small activities all related to your future career, or our annual Drinking on the Job: a formal drink where students and companies are brought together in a casual setting.
The members of CognAC are responsible for the vast majority of these activities, which they create through one of our many committees. Do you want to organise some casual, fun activities? Join the Activities Committee! Do you enjoy programming, and want to work on our website? Join the Website Committee. Do you love travelling and want to show your favourite part of the world to your peers? Join the Travel Committee! There are many more options. Whatever the activity is, our members always manage to make it an incredible amount of fun! In the process of creating all these activities, you will learn both soft-skills, like organisation and communicating with external parties, or some hard-skills, like better programming if you join the WebC.


Study Association CognAC
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