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Den Geitenwollen Soc.

Den Geitenwollen Soc. is the study association for Sociology students at Radboud University Nijmegen. Den GWS has been playing a key part in student life of sociologists in Nijmegen since 5 February 1993. The association now has nearly 200 members, of which more than half actively engage in Den GWS by doing committee work. This active character makes Den GWS a close, yet open and accessible association.

Since the establishment in 1993, Den Geitenwollen Soc. has aimed to look after the interests of Sociology students by organising academic and recreational activities, both formal and informal. Formal activities include informational excursions and lectures to provide deepening and broadening next to the general study programme. Den GWS also organise an annual career week, with which they try to facilitate the step towards the labour market. Another of their aims is to create cohesion and conviviality between members via monthly get-togethers, parties and other fun and creative activities, organised by their own members.

Did this story make you curious or do you have a question? Please don’t hesitate to come by the GWS room (MM 00.020) to get a first-hand experience of the atmosphere within the association. The coffee, tea and biscuits are ready!

Visiting address:
Montessori Avenue 4
Maria Montessori Building 00.020

Mailing address:
S.V. Den Geitenwollen Soc.
P.O. Box 9104
6500HE, Nijmegen