Faculty of Social Sciences
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Examination board

The examination board consists of several members of the educational staff. The committee monitors compliance with the Education and Examination regulations and handles all written requests from students concerning (among other things) exemptions, extra examination possibilities, alternative means of testing, and complaints about tests and test results.

As a student, you can also report to the examination board if extraordinary circumstances occur which are not regulated in the Education and Examination Regulations.

Chairs Examination board & Secretariats / Contact persons programs of Faculty of Social Sciences
Examination board Psychology (Psy)
Chair: dr. M.L.A. Jongsma
Secretary: mw. M. Cantore
Contact: examencommissie@psych.ru.nl

Examination board Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Chair: dr. Serge Thill
Secretary: mw. L. Jacques
Contact: excieai@ai.ru.nl

Examination board Pedagogical Sciences and Educational Science PW (Ba&Ma), PWPO (Ba) en OWW (Ma)
Chair: prof.dr. A. Lazonder
Secretary: dr. N. Krol
Contact: examencommissiePWO@ru.nl

Examination board Communication Science (CW)
Chair: dr. B. Müller
Secretary: Mustafa Akpinar, MA
Contact: examencommissie.cw@maw.ru.nl

Examination board Anthropology and Development Studies (CAOS/ADS)
Chair: dr. L. van Kempen
Secretary: drs. J. Witsenhuijsen
Contact: examencommissie_caos@maw.ru.nl

Examination board bachelor- en masteropleidingen Sociology (Soc)
Chair: dr. R. Meuleman
Secretary: dr. K. Begall
Contact: examencommissiesociologie@maw.ru.nl

Examination board Cognitive NeuroScience (CNS)
Chair: dr. J.H.R. Maes (Roald)
Secretary: mw. H.J. Rosier
Contact: hillegonda.rosier@donders.ru.nl

Examination board researchmaster Behavioural Science (BS)
Chair: Dr. J. van 't Riet
Secretary: mw. dr. J. Larsen
Contact: examinationcommittee.rmbs@ru.nl

Examination board researchmaster Social and Cultural Science (SCS)
Chair: prof. dr. A.H.M. van Meijl
Secretary: prof.dr. P. Scheepers
Contact: rscr@ru.nl

Examination board Advanced Master in International Development (AMID)
Chair: dr. T. Davids
Secretary: dr. L. van Kempen
Contact: l.vankempen@maw.ru.nl