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As coronavirusactive cases rise, people can experience feelings of stress, anxiety and unsafety. Are you also struggling with concerns about your health, that of a loved one or perhaps about the future? The current situation is new territory for everyone, which means that many people are searching for the best way to respond to the new situation. You don’t have a lot of influence on many things happening around you at the moment.

Here you can make an account to acces the program 'Dealing with coronastress'. In the program you will start looking at the things you do have an influence on. The program contains concrete tools that help you deal better with the difficult thoughts and feelings you can struggle with. The tools can help you unwind and pay attention to things that are important to you. The program is free to follow for every student!

Brightspace course: How to study in times of corona?

In Brightspace, you can find a course where you can follow webinars, do e-learnings and read our tips. You can sign up for the course by registering in Osiris with the course code ASB-DISTLEARNING.

Perhaps, these resources can also help you:

Check this website for more advice and guidance during the corona virus.