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Health check

How do you feel? Do you worry a lot, are you often very nervous about exams or do you experience stress during your study time? Your physical and mental health is vital. Your student days may well be the period in your life in which you develop the most and get to know yourself the best. So be careful with yourself and take good care of your well-being. To help you with this, Radboud University has developed a health check in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam. During the health check you answer questions about your state of mind and your fitness. This way you can see how healthy you are and you can compare your health with other students, completely anonymous of course. After the test, your results will be sent to you by e-mail and you will receive feedback, tips on how to improve your health and local references to agencies and facilities that can help you out.

Radboud University can use the anonymous data of all students to take action and organise new activities and facilities with a focus on promoting the health and welfare of the students. In addition, the university can compare these results with the results of the University of Amsterdam and communicate about this internally and externally. Radboud University will never use individual data and names for this.

You may find the health check here. For questions about the health check, please contact project leader Eljan Smeets: e.smeets@ru.nl