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Guidelines and additional information on written assignment

In carrying out programme evaluations, pre-Master’s students often indicate that they struggle with three aspects of our academic pre-Master’s programme: reading and studying large volumes of Dutch and English-written course books and literature; operationalising theoretical models and concepts; and researching and analysing questions through empirical research.

Kindly describe to what extent your previous education and your personal study choices and interests have already prepared you sufficiently in these three areas. Please also let us know if you feel as though you are not yet sufficiently prepared in one or more of these areas. You are asked to reflect on the following three aspects

  1. What skills do you already possess that can be useful in tackling the above-mentioned aspects?
  2. Please elaborate on your vision and expectation of (1) how theoretical concepts can be operationalised and implemented and (2) how empirical research can be used to analyse certain questions/issues.
  3. In relation to that, what do you hope to gain from this programme? Kindly discuss how this pre-Master’s programme and the subsequent Master’s programme may contribute to your career goals.

You are encouraged to explain how you are planning to address these deficiencies. You are also asked to explain how the pre-Master’s programme and the subsequent Master’s (specialisation) are going to contribute to your career plans.

Your submission consists is at least 1.5 A4 page in length, with a maximum of 2 A4 pages, and is written in plain and correct English. Please upload your submission to OSIRIS Application.