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Master's degree

Apply for Master's degree
Congratulations! You have passed all required courses of your study program and successfully completed your master's thesis; you are ready to graduate. To graduate, you must apply for your master's degree.

When can you apply for your master's degree?
• if all your results are registered in Osiris. So check this carefully and contact a teacher if you miss something
• you are registered on the exam date for the study program for which you are applying for a diploma
• you have met your payment obligations (tuition fees)

What is your exam date?
The exam date is the date on which you officially graduate: this will also be the date on your diploma. If you apply for your diploma within one month of the last result obtained, the date of the last result will be your exam date. If you apply for your diploma later, your exam date will be the date on which you submit your application. If you submit your application during the weekend or on a public holiday, your exam date will be the next working day.

Example: was your master's thesis processed with a positive result in Osiris on 6 November with a test date of 30 October? Then October 30 is your exam date and November 1 your deregistration date. Even if you do not apply for your diploma until November 6.

The exam date is important for deregistering from Studielink, your tuition fees and your OV card.

Are you applying for your degree in September through May? Then you have to terminate your enrollment via Studielink. When deregistering in Studielink, select the reason GRADUATION. This is not necessary if you graduate in June, July or August, in which case this happens automatically. You will be deregistered by Radboud University on the first of the month immediately following your exam date. From that same month you are no longer entitled to student finance and the public transport travel product. To avoid problems, it is wise to stop your student finance and travel product as soon as possible. You can arrange everything about student finance at DUO.

How do you apply for your master's degree?

  1. Check whether all required results are in Osiris
  2. Before completing the application form, first request your study progress overview in Osiris, so that you can quickly find codes and names and, if requested, enter them in the correct place in the form.
  3. Your thesis will be stored in the thesis repository. You help determine whether your thesis will be made public. In the diploma application form you will be asked to upload a signed copy of the consent form (pdf, 154 kB) (both pages). Note: this should not be larger than 500 MB! In case you finished more than one master's programme, you have to fill in a separate permission form for each programme. Have you studied the master's specialisation ‘Psychology: Behaviour Change’? Then please fill in this (pdf, 112 kB) consent form, as your thesis will consist of an advisory report in addition to the thesis
  4. Fill in the application form

The period after your application

  1. Processing your application takes 3 to 7 weeks
  2. The confirmation mail contains information about the procedure that STIP and Diploma Services follow and the details you filled in. Hold onto this mail.

  3. Once your exam application is completely processed and your exam date is registered in Osiris, you can download an official diploma summary via DUO.
    In case you don’t have a DigiD: please request this diploma summary by sending an email to 
    diplomadiensten@duo.nlYou will receive a permission form to fill out and return.
  4. When you have finished studying, you must deregister. Also check with DUO which steps you may still need to take (for example, hand in public transport card and stop student finance)

Problems with you application
Your application form will be sent to STIP. If you have not received an email confirmation, there is a chance that the sending has failed and that STIP has not received a request from you. Please contact STIP (024-3616163 or send an e-mail to exam examenaanvragenfsw@socsci.ru.nl), so that your application can be checked.

Graduation ceremony

The dates for graduation ceremonies differ for each programme. Consult the schedule of graduation dates to see when your graduation ceremony will be held. If you would like to attend a certain ceremony, please make sure you will complete your application on an examination date at least 7 weeks before the graduation ceremony.
The exact times and locations of the ceremonies will be announced by Diploma Services by regular post about two weeks in advance. You should therefore verify that your most recent home address is listed in Osiris (you can edit this address yourself through Studielink).

Are you unable to attend the graduation? Make an appointment for a desk-ceremony. You can do this only after you’ve received the invitation letter of Diploma Services. It is also possible to authorise someone else to pick up your diploma.

Receiving your diploma by post?
Within the Faculty of Social Sciences it is only possible for international students (>200 km travel distance, one-way) to send your diploma by post to your home address. Ask STIP (stip@socsci.ru.nl) for the conditions and procedure.

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