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Pre-Master's certificate

If you have completed a pre-master’s programme, you are entitled to receive a certificate. This certificate is not an official diploma, but it does provide access to the RU Master’s programme that corresponds to the pre-master’s programme that you have completed.

Application procedure

Once you have completed ALL components of the pre-master’s programme, you may apply for your certificate. (NOTE: In January, July and August applications may also be submitted even if this is not yet the case. You should however ensure that any missing marks are listed in Osiris by the end of the month of application. The application form contains a separate space for reporting such missing marks in these months).

Go to the application form.

If you would like to start the master’s programme in September or February, you should apply for your certificate no later than 31 August or 31 January, respectively.

If you would like to continue to the master’s programme at Radboud University, you will need to enrol in this master’s programme in addition to applying for the certificate. You can do this by creating a new enrolment line in Studielink. Your enrolment request will be accepted after STIP has processed your certificate and entered your statement of admission. You will be notified by email as soon as this has been done.

Certificates for Pedagogical Sciences, Educational Science, Sociology, Cultural Anthropology/Developmental Sociology and Communication Science will be sent to the address listed in Osiris. Therefore make sure your current address is listed in Osiris.