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Frequently asked questions


Which guidelines and regulations apply regarding the coronavirus on campus?

Radboud University follows the Dutch government rules. This means that anyone with symptoms is asked to stay home and get tested. You can find what the latest guidelines and regulations mean for education in our news updates.

Is wearing a mask required on campus?

From 25 February 2022 onwards, it will not be compulsory anymore to wear a facemask on campus. However, we advise everyone to still use a facemask whenever it isn't possible to keep 1.5 metres distance.

Where can I order free self-tests?

For students and employees, whether they are vaccinated or not, the advice is to use a self-test twice a week. These can still be ordered free of charge via www.zelftestonderwijs.nl.

For employees or students who cannot order self-tests via the website, departments can contact Campus & Facilities via service@uvb.ru.nl or 024-36 33333.

What if I have health complaints that could indicate corona?

Contact the GGD at 0800 1202 or coronatest.nl to make an appointment for a test. Positive test? Read the steps in our infographic about where and how to call in sick.

What if I have no health complaints but I have been in close contact with someone who may be infected with the corona virus?

See this infographic to see what you have to do in your situation.

What type of  ventilation systems do the buildings on campus have?

All of the buildings on campus have been assessed for risks related to the ventilation systems. This has led to measures being introduced in a few buildings. You can find more information on Radboudnet.

How often are offices and study places cleaned?

We ask students and employees to clean their own meeting areas and study places before using them. You can find a complete overview of the cleaning plan for offices and lecture spaces on Radboudnet.

Which classes are being offered online, which classes will be on campus?

Check your personal online timetable to see which lectures and study groups are on campus, and which are online. Details can be found in the course guidelines on Brightspace. When in doubt, contact your lecturer or study advisor.

Are there still Open Days?

You can find more information for Bachelors and Masters here.

What should I do if I have been tested positive for the coronavirus?

If you have been tested positivitely, report this immediately to your faculty's STIP. We ask you to share your letter from the GGD with the STIP. Then, if the GGD asks for it for their trace- and contact research, we can share information with your fellow students and with employees. This will, of course, be shared anonymously.

Do I lose an exam opportunity if I am unable to do an on-campus exam?

It is up to your study programme to decide what options are available for which situation. Please contact your study advisor to discuss which option applies to you.