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Public transport strikes January 19th and 20th

Date of news: 19 January 2023

There will be strikes in regional public transport on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 January. Check the travel planner in advance to see how the strikes will affect your journey to campus.

At the moment, the campus is accessible by public transport, although your journey may take longer. NS trains and most city buses in Nijmegen will continue to run.

So leave in time!

Due to the strikes, parking on campus will be free on 19 and 20 January. Keep in mind that it can be busier and there is therefore no guarantee of a parking space.

All exams scheduled on strike days will continue unchanged.
If you are unable to reach the campus in time for your exam, there are several options:

  • If the missed exam is the first chance, register to participate in the resit
  • If the missed exam is already the resit, you can report this to the Board of Examiners of your study programme. They will assess whether there are valid reasons for assigning an extra examination opportunity