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RADAr: academic language proficiency English/Dutch (for first-year students)

From the academic year 2022-2023 on, all Bachelor’s students at the Faculty of Social Sciences are required to participate in the academic language proficiency course in their first year. This course consists of a plenary lecture (this year on Wednesday 13 September), a toolbox on Brightspace, the language test, and remedial seminars. Students take the course in the language that their programme is instructed in.

All students are registered for the OSIRIS course, the Brightspace course, as well as the test itself by STIP Social Sciences. On Brightspace, all information pertaining to the test can be found, as well as the toolbox and the course guide. The plenary lecture takes place in September, the test is set for October (before the first exam period). If you score below the norm, you are invited to participate in the remedial seminars in periods 2. Signing up for the remedial seminars takes place via Brightspace and will open once the test results have been announced.

For more information, please consult the Brightspace course and have a look at RADAr: academic language proficiency in the course guide.
Should this link not open, please go to the OSIRIS course guide and look for SOW-RADAR-EN (or SOW-RADAR-NL if your programme is taught in Dutch).

Do you already want to check your language skills now? If so, take the practice test right here.