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First opportunity

When you register for a course you are also automatically registered for the first examination opportunity of the course. Please note, this only happens if you are also enrolled in the course at the time of registering for the course.


If you fail the exam, you must register for the resit via Osiris. This can be done up to five working days before the resit.

If you do not succeed in registering for a (re)exam via Osiris, please contact STIP. You can do this by e-mail (stip@socsci.ru.nl) or by phone (024-3616163). Keep the course code handy so the staff member can help you the fastest.

Exam location

The exams will be shown on your personal schedule (this is not the same as your registration for the exam, which you will find in Osiris).

The location of the exam will also be shown. For a digital exam in Comenius you will find a link to your personal seating here.

If multiple locations are shown, the schedule will be arranged by last name approximately one week in advance. Prefixes are not considered here.

Students with facilities are often seated in a separate room; that location will be indicated in the schedule with the description "Student-Based Facilities."

Other important information regarding exams