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Procedure taking exams abroad for exchange students

Procedure taking exams abroad for Exchange students from partner universities

Are you an exchange student from a partner university at the Faculty of Social Sciences and do you have to go back home earlier due to a study obligation there? In that case, our faculty can offer you the possibility of taking the exam of the course that you will miss due to your early departure at your home university if all parties agree.

Mind you: this is only for courses from the Faculty of Social Sciences. We cannot arrange the exams for the courses from other faculties that you took during your exchange period here. We can only offer this service for a maximum of two exams.

When choosing courses for your exchange period, take into account that you have to stay until the end of the period to take the exam. You can find the exam dates for your courses in your schedule. If you know beforehand that it is not possible to stay up to a certain date, try to select a course that offers the option for a take-home exam. If the only option is to take an exam at your home university, please consider the requirement and the procedure below.

First you need to check with your home university whether it is possible:

  • To arrange a contact person at your home university for the International Office of the Faculty of Social Sciences (IOSS).
  • To take the exam at the same day and time as the original exam in the Netherlands takes place. Take a possible time difference into account as well as national holidays in your home country.
  • To arrange a location at your home university where the exam can take place.
  • To arrange someone who can proctor the exam for you at your home university.

What should you do?

If you have checked all of these requirements, you will have to fill out the online application form before the set deadline for the exam period that is applicable to you.