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Procedure taking exam(s) abroad for regular students

Student of the Faculty of Social Sciences going abroad

Are you a regular RU-student at the Faculty of Social Sciences and do you need to take an exam while you are staying abroad for your study programme? In that case, you can make a request to take the exam at your host university abroad. Please follow the procedure below.

Mind you: you can only request exams for courses that are mandatory. It is not possible to request this service for electives. You can request for a maximum of 4 exams abroad!

You must first do the following:

  • Check whether it is possible to take the exam on the same date and time as the exam in the Netherlands (take into account that there may be time differences and national holidays).
  • Find out who the contact person at the partner university is.

Check with the partner university whether it is possible to take the exam there and check whether there are any costs and if so what the costs are.

What should you do?

If you can meet these requirements, you should fill out the application form before the set deadline. This will leave the IOSS with enough time to make the arrangements and request for the exam abroad to take place.

For exams in semester 1 – period 1

6 weeks before the exam date

For exams in semester 1 – Period 2

6 weeks before the exam date

For exams in semester 2 – Period 3

6 weeks before the exam date

For exams in semester 2 – Period 4

6 weeks before the exam date

What will happen next?

After having received your application form, the IOSS will contact the teacher of the course at Radboud University and the contact person from your home university to make the necessary arrangements and provide the contact person with the necessary information about the exam, the date and time at which the IOSS will send the exam and what we expect after the exam.

It is important that your contact person at our partner university knows that the IOSS will contact him or her but please do not make any further arrangements yourself in order to prevent any miscommunication.

The International Office Social will do its utmost best to arrange everything but we cannot guarantee anything. Mind you: not all universities may facilitate the option of taking an exam at their university and some universities will ask a fee for the costs of arranging someone to proctor the exam or for renting the location. These costs will be charged to the student. Please make sure to check if there are any costs and what the costs are.

If it is not possible to take an exam aboard, we will inform you ahead of time. In that case we will consult the responsible person at your programme to check if an alternative can be arranged.

Please note that it takes a lot of effort to arrange everything so cancelling the exam without a valid reason or not showing up at the exam is not appreciated! Do not forget to register for the exam.

For questions please contact ioss@ru.nl