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Extra examination time

In special circumstances, you can get extra time to take your examination. This is a so-called special facility. Under Special facilities, you will find how to apply for such a facility.

Please check beforehand

It is recommended to check Osiris whether your facility is actually selected. Consult this step-by-step guide to do so.

Extra time for digital examinations

For exams via Cirrus, the extra time is automatically allocated if it is registered in Osiris. The time you will receive for the exam is stated on the dashboard of the relevant exam once it has been scheduled. During the exam it is also visible how much time (including the extra time) you have left.

Has the extra time provision been granted mid-year?

Then it is possible that you are already registered for exams without facilities. In that case, in Osiris you can unsubscribe for exams and register for exams with facilities.