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Registration deadlines

To participate in resits, you must register via Osiris.


Periode 3 ENRegistration for an examination is possible until the fifth working day before the examination date. In concrete terms, this means registration for an examination closes at 23.59 on the day prior to a period of five working days before the date of the examination, so there are always five whole working days between the deadline for registration for the examination in question and the date of that examination. The day on which the examination takes place never counts in this period of five working days.

Missed deadline

You will be unable to register for exams or courses if you miss the registration. The STIP is also unable to register you for teaching or exams after the deadline.

If you missed the deadline due to special circumstances beyond your control (e.g. an illness (with documentation) or special family circumstances), you can submit a formal request for late registration to the Examination Board. However, even these special circumstances do not guarantee that you will be permitted to register after the deadline. This is only possible if it can be practically arranged. Submitting a formal request to the Examination Board is no substitute for checking that your registration is in order ahead of time. It is not considered a special circumstance if you forgot a deadline or did not pay close enough attention to deadline reminders or information.

Confirmation of registration

If you have successfully registered for a course, exam or resit in Osiris, you will receive a confirmation message in Osiris Notices and a confirmation email in your student email inbox. Save this confirmation. It is proof that you registered. If your registration was unsuccessful, you will not receive a confirmation. If this happens, repeat the process and check that you have completed all the steps. If it still does not work, please contact the STIP information desk before the deadline expires. Once the deadline has passed, there is nothing we can do for you.

Important points regarding participation in exams

  • You are automatically enrolled for participation in the first exam opportunity when you register for a course, provided you are registered for the correct study programme.
  • For the second opportunity, you can register until no later than five working days before the exam date.
  • You will receive confirmation of registration for a course, exam or resit by email and in Osiris Notices. Take care to save this confirmation.
  • Students who are more than 15 minutes late will not be admitted to exams.
  • Participation in exams is only possible upon presentation of valid ID.
  • If you are registered for an exam and you decide not to take the exam, please deregister before the registration deadline.