Faculty of Social Sciences
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Special facilities


  1. If you have a functional disability for which you will require special facilities during the examination, you should report this to the student counsellor and the student advisor for your programme. Once the facilities have been allocated, the student advisor will arrange them for you in Osiris.

  2. Sign up for the course through Osiris. If you are entitled to use extra facilities, these should be allocated to you automatically when signing up for the course. Your facilities will be visible to STIP, so that they will know which facilities must be arranged for you for the examination.

  3. You must always register for resits yourself in Osiris.
  4. Locations for students with special facilities will be shown in your timetable. 

  5. If you are entitled to the 'extra time in accordance with faculty regulations', you are entitled to 30 minutes extra time for the exam.

  6. In some cases, an examination room and additional proctor may be arranged just for you. If you do not take the examination or you don’t need the special facility this time, please notify STIP in time (T: +31 24 361 61 63 E: stip@socsci.ru.nl). Avoid wasting money and time.