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Student-related facilities

Students may require accommodations based on a specific aid request or functional limitation in order to study successfully. Examples include extra examination time. Below you will find information student-related facilities at examinations.

Where is my exam location?

For exams taking place in the Comenius building, no separate extra time is scheduled in the timetable.

In Osiris and My Timetable you will find a link to your personal seating information. From 5 working days in advance you can find your seating number here. Your personal end time is also listed here.

For exams at all other locations, the extra time & facilities room (also called SGV room) is mentioned in the timetable.

Check which room you are assigned to. Sometimes more than one room is reserved and these are assigned by last name approximately one week in advance. For example: A to K in room x, L to Z in room y. This will appear in the schedule.

Even if you do not have extra time, but do have other facilities, you will appear on the participants list in the extra time & facilities room.

Has anything changed?

Did the study advisor make a change to your facility in Osiris? Then you must unregister and re-register for the exams (not the course!) you were already registered for. Otherwise, the old provision information remains in effect and the exam organization cannot see what has changed.

When in doubt...

Are you worried about something? Make your concerns known:

  • Before and after the exam: to STIP.
  • During the exam: to the invigilator.

They want to help you and make sure you can concentrate on your exam with peace of mind.

Allowed for everyone:

  • Foam earplugs;
  • Something to eat/drink (without noise pollution);
  • Toilet visits accompanied by an invigilator;

If you have any questions, please contact STIP: 024-3616163 or stip@socsci.ru.nl.